True Food Kitchen :: Santa Monica


Months ago my friend Rebecca began sharing about this restaurant we had to try. So, she and I dined there a few months ago and I loved it. I knew I had to take Josh. So after an amazing morning of beach lounging and surfing in the South Bay we headed up to Santa Monica Place for a late lunch date at True Food Kitchen.

As Josh & I drove closer to True Food, we got more and more excited and even more and more hungry. By the time we finally walked in the door (Santa Monica traffic is no fun on Saturday afternoons) we were absolutely famished. We were seated on the outdoor patio, perfect for the pleasant summer day.

I ordered a Natural Refresher, the Green Arnie made with Matcha Green Tea & Honey Lemonade. It lived up to its name and was super refreshing with a little caffeine kick.
Josh ordered a smoothie, the Weekend Warrior which banana, flax, almond butter, low-fat vanilla yogurt, and apple juice. He loved it and it definitely refueled his exhausted surfing body!
We split the Herb Hummus for an appetizer, substituting cucumbers for the pita bread offered with the dish. One of the best things about True Food is that they are sensitive to dietary needs and are well educated on what gluten free means. We have found that to be rare with many other restaurants.
Josh never passes up a chance to eat breakfast foods, and ordered the Two Organic Eggs which includes turkey bacon and sweet potato hash. He loved his meal, and proclaimed that “these are the best eggs I’ve ever eaten!” Myself, not being a fan of eggs, tried a bite and enjoyed it. The eggs were fluffy and flavorful. We aren’t sure how such a simple egg dish really tasted that good!
Lately, I’ve been on an Ahi Tuna kick, so the Wild Ahi Sliders sounded super appealing to me. I requested them to be served without a bun and on top of lettuce instead. Oh my goodness. The lightly seared tuna mixed with the radish, avocado, cucumber, and wasabi aioli (not too spicy!) mixture was out of this world. It was one of those meals where the flavors danced around my tongue, leaving me longing for many more bites despite being pleasantly full.
I can’t say enough good things about True Food Kitchen. It has become my favorite restaurant in LA. It is a haven for people who love eating healthy, seasonally, and locally. It is a treasure for those with dietary restrictions. Go and try it. You won’t be sorry.


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