Pomegrante Spritzer


We received SO many pomegrantes over the last 2 months from our CSA box. At first I had no idea what to do this fruit… but slowly over time I have come to love them! Most of the time I throw the pomegrantes onto a salad or meat, or really anything we are eating. 🙂 But lately, I have begun to enjoy to use them in drinks and sauces as well. This is a yummy refreshing drink filled with Vitamin C and many other nutrients!


* 1-2 T fresh pomegrante juice
* 1 T honey
* 6 oz sparkling water or club soda


Blend up fresh pomegrantes in food processor or blender. Strain.
Mix the juice, honey, and sparkling soda all together. Throw in a splash of tequila if you’d like.

–Adapted from http://whiteonricecouple.com


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