Ye Olde King’s Head English Pub

When we were in London we visited a pub and had a classic British drink called Pimm’s. From our first sips, we both loved this fruit liqueur. It has the perfect amount of sweet mixed with an exciting flavor of fruit. It has been nearly a year since our London excursion, and I have still missed the taste of Pimm’s. Until…last weekend!
Josh and I were wondering Santa Monica enjoying views like this…
And this…
When we discovered…The Ye Olde King’s Head English Pub! While I am no expert on British pubs, this place had the feel of an authentic British pub. The decor… the food choices… and most authentic, the accents! At least half of the people dining in the restaurant were British and the majority of the servers were British. A little taste of London in Santa Monica!

Delicious Pimm’s:

I encourage you to check it out. You may just be transported across the pond!

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