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L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon


Some people go to Vegas to gamble. Some people go for the spectacular hotels. We go to Vegas for the food. Vegas has some of the best chefs in the world, with cutting edge cuisine types and techniques. This summer we headed to Vegas and decided to go on a culinary tour. We wanted to go to one really nice restaurant and picked out a French restaurant called L’Atelier by “French chef of the century” Joel Robuchon. A foodie friend of our recommended L’Atelier and said “it will be the best meal of your life.” Wow. Did that lofty recommendation disappoint us? Well, look at these pictures and you tell me!

We chose the seasonal tasting menu. Sadly I don’t have the exact titles of the dishes, but I hope you can begin to see the art of each dish that the photos captured.

We love going to open kitchens where we can see all that the chef and his/her team is doing. At L’Atelier we had front row seats to the kitchen we watched the “show.” Here a chef is carving some sort of ham.

L’Amuse Bouche: I remember it being a mixture of grapefruit, avocado and tomato. A unique flavor that was very refreshing.

A salad with the most savory heirloom tomatoes we have ever tasted!
A very thinly slice sole fillet with the perfect amount of herbs, oil, and flavoring. I still dream about this dish. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a piece of fish this much.

A sort of tropical Alaskan crab leg. Amazing.

An dish of mushrooms with a poached quail egg. Neither of us love mushrooms, but these mushrooms were absolutely divine. And the quail egg was great!
Josh’s favorite dish was this seafood salad mixture:
A lamb dish with mashed potatoes and greens. The lamb was crunchy on the outside and sweet and tender on the inside. That mixed with the most silky mashed potatoes ever = bliss.
First Dessert Course: A variety of homemade ice creams and sorbets

The second dessert course was spectacular. Sadly I don’t remember the exact ingredients, but the final touch was flecks of gold! First time we’ve ever eaten gold, and let me tell you, it was good!
We finished our meal off with some coffee and tea

So was it the most amazing meal I’ve ever had? YES. If you can, go to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon located in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.